Pizza, fall edition

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Pizza’s good all the time, but when you alter it to suit the season, it’s even better. Check out the pizza I made for me and a friend (the best part is, it’s completely vegan):

Here’s what I started out with: whole wheat pizza crust my mom bought, homemade pizza sauce my mom made, leftover roasted veggies made by my mom, vegan cheese bought by my mom, oregano I got a Trader Joe’s for a reason I can’t remember, olive oil.

Oh and here’s the prosecco we drank with the pizza. The picture is appropriately blurry.

Spreading out pizza dough is harder than you would think. There’s some olive oil on there too.

The sauce my mom made wasn’t exactly made for a pizza. It’s kind of chunky; it’s probably better for some other kind of dish. But I like chunky! And it was the only sauce I had, so I used it.

Here it is, ready for the oven. I only had enough veggies for half the pizza, but I was also unsure of how good it would be, so I was fine with half. Also, vegan cheese is surprisingly tasty. It tasted like … vegetables. Or something.

Fresh out of  the oven! I cooked it according to the time and temp on the package (actually I kind of guessed because the oven in my dorm is old). Doesn’t it look delicious?

Here’s the pizza, ready to eat. My friend and I both decided the roasted veggie pizza was by far better than the plain cheese (although that was good too). Perfect for fall/winter. I plan to make this again soon.


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