November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

First, let me say I am sorry to fall so far behind on posting! I know your life depends on this blog. Here are some things that are going to change/have changed:

1. The About Me page is now slightly more revealing – now you can find out my name.

2. I added another link to the list of blogs on the right: Grub Street Boston, which is the source for everything food in Boston.

3. Forget the posting schedule I made (I think we both know it wasn’t working out). I cannot live life with such regiment! From now on, I am going to post whenever I feel inspired, and that will be much more often. And expect a better variety of posts.

4. Now you can get a full rundown of the food I eat on Twitter. Vital information! (Also, expect posts very soon, and by that I mean they are coming right after this one, about my Twitter page, and the festival I live-tweeted this weekend.) Please see my Twitter feed on the right of my blog.


My weekly schedule

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

So here’s what you can expect from The Curious Cook:

Mondays: I’ll post pics and a description of some kind of delicious meal I cooked the previous week.

Tuesdays: A write up on a cookbook I want but don’t have. Thank goodness for the Boston Public Library.

Wednesdays: I’ll put up a pic of food that looks good to me, or link to another blog post about food that I enjoyed. (I’m busy on Wednesdays!)

Thursdays: No post.

Fridays: I’ll give a summary and my analysis of an interesting bit of food news.

Sneak preview for Monday…a dish involving butternut squash from my mom’s garden in Connecticut!

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